Neurotransmitters Activation Quarter Sleeve Hood Bodycon Dress
Neurotransmitters Activation Quarter Sleeve Hood Bodycon Dress
Neurotransmitters Activation Quarter Sleeve Hood Bodycon Dress
Neurotransmitters Activation Quarter Sleeve Hood Bodycon Dress

Neurotransmitters Activation Quarter Sleeve Hood Bodycon Dress

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Korina's frequency products are sold in their ACTIVATED and NON-ACTIVATED form.

Buying the ACTIVATED product you receive the frequency as well as its effect on you, while buying the NOT ACTIVATED product you do not. This is the reason for the price difference. Read more about the positive effects of the frequency of each in the product description below.

The relationship of frequencies with good health and consciousness starts to be proven by science. For example, the research done in 2017 by the University of Tehran entitled "The effects of 528Hz sound frequency to the death of human cells" proved that some specific frequencies can detoxify cells and activate DNA repair.

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Neurotransmitters Activation

This frequency helps you to heal your neurological conditions.

Also helps you to create new neural pathways.
This is extremely useful If you want to receive a more clear channeling
from other fields of existence.
You see, when we receive channeling, 

we don't always understand what is transmitted to us, because we never have thought or even imagined some things. Creating new neural pathways opens our mind and we have new thoughts, ideas and we get more imaginative.
This helps tremendously the effectiveness of our ability to channel.

*** The whole universe is made from information expressed in the form of frequencies. 

Korina’s Frequency paintings express strong frequencies and active information. This information manifests then in your physical experience, when you have the  paintings in your living space or when you wear them. You radiate this frequency and you help others around you as well! ***

Αυτή η συχνότητα, σε βοηθά να θεραπεύσεις τις νευρολογικές σου παθήσεις. 

Επίσης σε βοηθά να δημιουργήσεις νέα μονοπάτια νευρώνων.

Αυτό είναι πολύ χρήσιμο αν θέλεις να λαμβάνεις ένα πιο ξεκάθαρο τσάνελινγκ από
άλλα πεδία ύπαρξης.

Βλέπεις, όταν λαμβάνουμε τσάνελινγκ, δεν καταλαβαίνουμε πάντα το τι μεταδίδεται σε εμάς,
επειδή δεν έχουμε σκεφτεί ποτέ ή φανταστεί καν κάποια πράγματα.
Δημιουργόντας όμως καινούρια  μονοπάτια νευρώνων, ανοίγει το μυαλό μας και έχουμε νέες
σκέψεις, ιδέες και ενεργοποιείται η φαντασία μας.

Αυτό βοηθά απίστευτα στην αποτελεσματικότητα της ικανότητας μας να κάνουμε τσάνελινγκ. 

*** Όλο το σύμπαν είναι φτιαγμένο από πληροφορία εκφρασμένο σε μορφή συχνοτήτων. 

Οι πίνακες συχνοτήτων της Κορίνας, εκφράζουν δυνατές συχνότητες και ενεργή πληροφορία. Αυτή η πληροφορία εμφανίζεται μετά στην πραγματικότητα σου, όταν έχεις τους πίνακες στο χώρο σου ή όταν τους φοράς. Εκπέμπεις αυτή τη συχνότητα και βοηθάς και τους άλλους γύρω σου! ***

Customize this one piece dress that comes with a hooded design for a simple outfit when paired with sneakers.

  • Made with 90% Cotton 10% Spandex
  • Bodycon Fit
  • Machine Washable

  • Attention: Due to bleeding and fabric stretch, the previewed image is only an approximated display of the final product.

    Fight mind control with this frequency


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    This frequency will help you to not be affected by the mind control that results not only from the society around us, but also from machinery like HAARP. We are shifting together, we become those people who think in a different way and see behind the veil of the matrix.